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We live in the Age of Significance. From tatoos to chest bumps to religious fans. I am concerned that Christians have become fans. We are not to cheer but to proclaim and to disciple. To pastor a culture that has lost its way. We are not to run for cover of a nation but to run a race. That race ends in glory not enshrinement as a trophy in the Age of Significance. The apostle Paul got it. He would not let Rome define him, nor his countrymen; only His Lord. As Christians our nation will not define us nor receive glory. The rattling has begun and the Age of Significance will not go quietly. Ignore the noise, sing His praise.

Lawrence R. Yoder

Rebuilding the Ruins 2014 and BeyondWhat is our prophetic ministry?

We see prophetic ministry as confirming and affirming what God is doing by teaching and preaching from the Anabaptist tradition; using the Bible as the primary source of inspiration and application. The role of the prophet is to encourage a change in behavior through prayer, preaching and presence. The New Testament ushers in a new realm of ministry in the Spirit through “Spirit words” that provide wisdom, knowledge, miracle working power, discernment and healing of the wounded soul in the context of a trusting mutual relationship. The evidence of such is the glory of Jesus and God the Father.

We are seeing a clearer connection to the role of the prophet as an instrument of life in a culture of death. If many of our towns, cities and regions are being ruled by Ra they will have a feel to them that is an aroma of death. The stench may not be apparent in the physical as such but there will be an unmistakable motivation and presence of evil masquerading as light. The prophet alongside apostolic authority will discern the working of death and the Spirit will provide favor to combat this presence with spiritual weapons of life. The result is life proclaimed through the laying down of the church for the community to be set free from death. This is the power of the resurrection of Jesus. See 2 Corinthians 4:10-15.

Who is a marketplace minister?

One sent who allows the marketplace to be a place of ministry in provision, teaching and proclamation of the gospel to others outside the “four walls” of Sunday gatherings. There are many types of work and public space and yet the marketplace is where business happens. It is usually the public space in towns and cities like schools and businesses where you meet people. The shift toward cyberspace has changed some of the interaction to include social media. These are all still examples of “personal space”. As we look at the letter called Acts and the New Testament as a whole we see the theme of “personal space” being confronted by the presence of the Holy Spirit in the disciples and most clearly in the Person of Jesus.

What is a prophetic marketplace minister?

A prophetic marketplace minister is used to impact the lives of individuals primarily in the realms of business and the market. Many times a person is at a crossroads and they need to know how to proceed. God may be calling to join Him in a new work. This may mean starting a new business, selling one, buying one or implementing change within one, all for the purpose of the gospel. As a marketplace minister we are available to pray with others, impart wisdom and words of revelation through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, all for the glory of Jesus.

What does it mean to take cities for God?

To implement a fuller work of the Spirit that includes transformative behavior in a town, city or region. Every city has gatekeepers. Every city is currently operating in some type of purpose. Our ministry is used dynamically by the Holy Spirit to change the equation toward the purposes of God. See Community Plan: Rebuilding the Ruins 2014 and Beyond. The ministry of Nehemiah’s Call is pleased to share with any group what we are seeing this hour in our land. We are seeing a simple plan laid out so that any group can grasp and run with it.


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