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Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

School of Prayer and Missions

A fresh biblical curriculum designed to equip and assist specialized prayer mapping and church planting teams toward the harvest:

  • A Different Age of Missions
  • Biblical Foundations
  • Principles of Prayer Research and Mapping
  • Church Planting Considerations

New Wine poured out in these four themes:

  • Healthy Bible Curriculum
  • Timely Bible Teaching
  • Harvest Approach
  • Emphasis on Application to our cultures

The End Times New Wineskin includes all of these four:

  • Servant leaders
  • Gifts of ministry and Spirit
  • Net of relationships
  • Flexible and portable

The New Wineskin Vision

  • Mobilization of strategic persons in and toward strategic cities
  • Preparing for an end time church
  • Witness a Harvest

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