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Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

June 1, 2010

Yeah, Jesus is the real King!

Have you ever noticed the contents of the human body? Life is in the blood. Each person has been given a spirit. Cells, organs, vessels, bones and fluids work together in a healthy body. If any of these begins to deteriorate; effectiveness, quality of life and sustainability are now in jeopardy. In fact the body can turn septic. When this happens the body actually turns against itself. Once fully functioning organs turn upon one another and actually tear the body down from within. When the body turns septic it is all over with. There will soon be no life. The situations will red line………

Have you noticed the Christian church in America rarely operates as a body? Many have seen this over time. Many are perplexed on what to do about it. And rightly so, this is an immensely complex situation, one that only Jesus can fix and one whose menu only includes the new wine. We are in need of new wine; the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in power and glory. We need it now. It is all we need.

Well how did it get this way. About America it has been said that we are a collection of businesses concerned primarily with the economics of things. Will they produce, will they be efficient and will they bring prosperity. That is fine in the business world not in the body of Christ. What has morphed over the past fifty years here in America is a “franchise model” of Christianity. About the same time as Ray Kroc began McDonalds. The only thing that competes with the golden streets is the golden arches. Each denomination, non-denomination or movement, and with its splits and splinters, has opened for business with a specific menu of Christian fare. This model attracts people that believe in the same things, principles and ideals of its founder, heritage or organizers. It is not so much the Gospel that is drawing it is the advertising, the colors of the menu, the building architecture, the food, the hospitality, the people who are well known and the atmosphere. My regards to the chef they say upon leaving! We’ll be back next week.

Added to the franchise model is actually convincing the owners or stewards of the chain or denomination to tweak the menu to include non-Christian dishes (those of a different culture or belief system) that are laced with new age ideas or blends of truth. Many churches become unified by what they believe in and most of these are derived by connectedness to the political menu. We would do well to discard the different gospels we have latched on to and programs that attract people to our churches on a Sunday. Maybe it is time to scratch this emergent model and adopt the real model. Not following Jesus but becoming like Jesus. Not Jesus-like but real transformation. Becoming holy has a high price; the road marked with suffering and pain in the offering. Not the one from a menu. The Kingdom that Jesus came to inaugurate has no franchises. He is a King. Fit only for a kingdom. One in which has priests willing to serve this King with all they have. After all He is the King. Yeah, Jesus is the real King! I’m lovin Him.

Blessings in the harvest,

Lawrence R. Yoder
Nehemiah’s Call Inc.

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